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Gingerbread Soap

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Introducing our Gingerbread handmade soap, a luxurious and indulgent addition to your daily skincare routine. This soap is a perfect blend of warm and spicy scents, including notes of orange, cardamom, raisin, clove, cinnamon, rum, vanilla extract, gingerbread, and tonka.

Our Gingerbread soap is made using only the finest natural ingredients, including nourishing oils and butters, to leave your skin feeling soft and silky smooth. The warm and comforting scent of gingerbread will transport you to a cozy winter day, while the spicy notes of cinnamon and clove add a touch of excitement to your shower routine.

Our handmade soap is crafted with care and precision to ensure a high-quality product that is gentle on your skin. So why not indulge yourself with our Gingerbread soap, a perfect treat for yourself or as a gift for someone special. Try it out today and experience the magic of this unique and delightful scent.

Each soap is 5.5 oz in weight. All soaps are hand cut.

Ingredients: Saponified Oils (Coconut, Olive, Palm, Sweet Almond, Apricot Kernel) Fragrance Oil, Mica, Water

*Palm Oil is from a source committed to sustainable Palm production.

This soap is vegan.